Calahonda - €120,000

The property being described is a commercial bar situated in the lower part of Calahonda, a highly touristic area. This location provides a significant advantage, as it attracts a steady flow of tourists and visitors throughout the year. The bar benefits from the bustling activity and foot traffic in the area, ensuring a potentially high volume of customers.

The bar has undergone renovations and has been well looked after, indicating that it is in good condition and aesthetically appealing. The refurbishments have been carried out to maintain a modern and inviting atmosphere, which can attract customers and create a pleasant experience.

What makes this bar unique is that it used to be two separate units that have been merged together into one, resulting in a larger space. This expansion provides ample room for seating, entertainment, and customer engagement. The increased space allows for a more comfortable and enjoyable experience for patrons, as well as flexibility in arranging the interior to suit different needs and preferences.

With its prime location, renovations, and expanded size, this commercial bar presents a promising opportunity for business owners or investors. The bustling touristic area ensures a steady flow of potential customers, and the well-maintained and expanded space enhances the bar's appeal. The merging of two units into one has provided a significant advantage, offering a more spacious and versatile venue to accommodate a larger clientele and potentially host various events or activities.

Overall, this commercial bar in the lower part of Calahonda, being located in a highly touristic area and having undergone renovations and expansion, presents an attractive investment opportunity. It is well-positioned to capitalize on the bustling tourist activity and offers an inviting and adaptable space for customers to enjoy their experience at the bar.


0 Beds
2 Baths
50m² Built
80m² Terrace
0 Pools
0 Parking
300 Property Tax (Per Annum)
125 Community (Per Month)
0 Rubbish (Per Annum)