Torremolinos - €22,500

Why is coffee not the only thing that disrupts your morning?

Already from Monday you start nervously while having your first coffee thinking that another day you wish to find parking near work in downtown Torremolinos.

Why does leaving work and arriving home not result in a moment of happiness?
Is it stressful that you try to arrive before everything fills up because later no one will leave their spot on the street?
And what if you decide that so much unnecessary stress is not worth it and you gift yourself this parking space for you and your car?

No more searching, no more nerves, and no more problems every time you think about moving the car.
No more going to get your car each time and wondering if it has been scratched or something. No more getting into your car in full sun and a Finnish sauna falls short of the temperature inside your car.

Treat yourself to this large car garage.
Come on, don't think about it anymore and call me.
You are important and so is your car.


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0 Baths
0m² Built
0m² Terrace
0 Pools
1 Parking
0 Property Tax (Per Annum)
0 Community (Per Month)
0 Rubbish (Per Annum)