Spanish Properties

Renovating Your Investment Or Your Home.

We arrange renovations at all levels, from small studio/apartment renovations to full demolition & complete rebuild of a property.


Our experts personally go to overview the property, analyze its condition and come back with the best possible solution. The studies include: reinforcement of structure; extension of heights; quality specifications report; air installations and solar panels to create a more sustainable project.


Designing your newly improved home is a lovely challenge for us. Based on your tastes and needs, we bring to life a personalized unique design through 3D images that carry the feeling of our proposal to a real level. Our plans not only consider the aesthetics but also provides a practical and eco-friendly solution.


The best part of choosing us is that we take over the responsibility for you, making it a stress free process throughout by carrying out all of the renovation steps in-house. We will take care of the whole process from initial design, through implementation to final hand-over with the highest level of communication throughout all phases. We guarantee fixed prices and agreed deadlines by contract.

How We Work And What We Have To Offer

• FREE Study and analysis of the property
• FREE Draft of floor plans of current state
• FREE Floor plans of proposal & 3D images
• FREE Quotation estimate
• Personalized and unique design with 3D images
• Practical and eco-friendly solutions

• Building experience of over 60 years.
• Fixed prices and deadlines by contract.
• Technical studies and analysis.
• Interior design options.
• Highest quality materials.
• An extraordinary group of experts at your disposal.

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